WRTS Daphne

A Simpler Life: Meet the Kids at We Rock The Spectrum – Portico Eastern

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym (WRTS) is an amazing place that allows kids of all ability levels to enjoy activities together.

Maura and Kevin Coley, owners of WRTS Daphne are thrilled to bring this emotionally safe, all-inclusive play space to our community. Maura is a speech language pathologist and Kevin is a secondary level educator. Their professional paths serving children with individual needs like autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, anxiety disorders, Down Syndrome and sensory processing difficulties instilled in them a passion for helping children achieve their best and be successful in life while having fun. Although this equipment is designed to help children with sensory processing disorders, kids of all ages and ability levels can benefit from it. Everyone has a chance to learn and play together, as well as encourage each other.

Meet the Kids